What Are You Showing?

Your brand is an extension of you and an expression of what you stand for. You continually show others who you are through the actions you take and the words you use. Both contribute to the story of your brand and what others believe to be true about you.

You are what you do. Sharing with others how you spend your time or choosing how you act in any given situation influences how people feel about you and what they share with others.

Do your actions align with the message you want to communicate about your brand?

To make sure your message and brand align, be intentional about what you want to create in every interaction you have. Be mindful of what you share and how you share it. Invest the time upfront to consider your delivery so you don’t walk away with regrets.

Here are a few examples of how intention, mindfulness and time well-invested impacts the impression you leave with others.

  • When faced with a problem you can either default to the frustration mode of I can’t make this work or jump into solution mode to figure out how you make it work. The words you use and the actions you take will influence the way people see you and your brand.
  • If you spend your leisure time playing video games and watching TV it tells one story. If you spend your leisure time reading and engaging in activities with friends it tells a different story. Each story tells others what is important to you. You don’t get to dictate your brand. Your actions will influence how people see you and your brand.
  • When you are sharing highlights from an event do you focus on the bad food and how crowded it was or do you share what you learned and the amazing conversations you had with people you just met? What you choose to focus on impacts your experience. What you choose to share with others impacts the experience they have of you. What you say influences how people feel about you and your brand.

Your story originates with you. The way you show up contributes to your brand expression. Know how you want to be seen and align the things that you do to reflect what you want. Everything you do and say in every situation reflects on you and your brand.

Looking for a few simple strategies to consider when creating an intentional and authentic brand impression? Visit some of our previous blogs for ideas.

Align yourself with what matters most to you. Live your brand fully expressed with intention and purpose to play bigger!

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Dorothy Lazovik

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