Inspiring Audiences with a Content Rich Conversation

It is time to be brave and seen for who you are.

It is time to push the boundaries and create change; shifting from your ’to do list’ to your ‘to be list’.

Dorothy is passionate about having conversations that help leaders develop their new normal in how they see themselves and the experiences they create for others. Understanding they are in control of what they create and the three high level elements that changes the game. Impacting them as a leader and the bottom line.

Ready to talk about customizing a conversation that will create a new way of being for your leaders.

The topics of conversation are focused on developing a personal leadership brand, mastering your mindset and strategies to achieve success. 


  • Unshakeable
  • Leading with Intention
  • Winning the Inner Game

Authentic Leaders Edge

Next Step

Ready to implement a model that elevates your leaders and has them taking ownership of who they are and the results they achieve? Interested in creating the environment that puts people first to increase engagement, build trust and improve how business gets done?

Let’s start a conversation. It will give you the opportunity to get your questions answered and understand if it is a good fit for you, your leaders or organization.