Stop Hiding! Succeed Being You!

Stop hiding

Are you hiding behind who you think you should be? Do you feel to be taken seriously, you need to be serious? Do you believe you have to change who you are to succeed?

A woman approached me after a talk I gave, and everything about her screamed serious – her dress, her hairstyle, her facial expression, her language, and even her body language.

Soon after we met, Sally (not her real name) hired me as her coach. I quickly discovered she had a wicked sense of humour, was warm and expressed real compassion for her clients.

There was such a big disconnect between who she was being professionally when I initially met her versus who she really was personally during our coaching sessions.

She believed that to be successful; she needed to be serious. She parked her personality on the side and worked hard. The side effects of living her life that way had her feeling disconnected from who she really was and unhappy and dissatisfied even though she experienced some success.

Simple But Not Easy

Shifting from an old belief model of who you should be to showing up as who you are in your full glory takes courage, determination and a strong desire.

To stop hiding, you’ll need to invest some time and energy in understanding yourself at a deeper level. You need to know what makes you tick, how you make your decisions, what you love to do, what relationships you want to have and how you want to be known. Professionally and personally, you are one person.

Making the shift becomes possible when you willingly let go of what no longer works for you and mindfully incorporate what does. Sally did the work and made the shift; she achieved a deeper connection with her clients, developed more trusting relationships with her colleagues, increased quarterly sales consistently, and was happy because she was being herself.

Five Strategies You Can Implement Now

Here are five proven strategies you can begin practicing immediately to build your confidence in being you and let go of what isn’t:

  • Define and honour who you are. It will help you stay focused on living your life on your terms instead of being distracted by others’ expectations.
  • Start measuring yourself against the standards you set for yourself. Stop measuring yourself against the standards others have set for you.
  • Live by your values and know what is non-negotiable. You can alter how you do something, although don’t change who you are to make someone else happy.
  • Challenge the status quo. To be different, you need to be willing to do things differently as it is essential for growth.
  • Give because it feels good and doing it without expecting anything in return.

What would it feel like for you to implement these strategies and live your brilliance?

Awareness is the first step. Doing the discovery work gives you a plan. Action is what brings it to life! What is the first action you are willing to take?

Align yourself with what matters most to you. Live your brand fully expressed with intention and purpose to play bigger!

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Dorothy Lazovik

Dorothy is on a mission to shift the culture of organizations to people first! Supporting leaders in fulfilling their TO BE LIST to better deliver on their TO DO LIST. Doing the work impacts how leaders see themselves, the people they lead, the environment they create and the outcomes they achieve. Producing higher engagement, ownership and productivity. How would making a change like this elevate your business results?

Authentic Leaders Edge

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