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Communication is an art. How you communicate your message influences how you are perceived. The how represents 93% of the feelings and attitudes you portray when delivering your message.

Picture this: You observe a tall well-dressed man getting out of his Porsche – this communicates a message and you form an impression.

He begins walking toward you with his shoulders slumped and is expressionless – the initial impression changes.

The how you communicate impacts the message others receive.


Dr. Albert Mehrabian, a pioneer in understanding body language and non-verbal communication since the 1960s, determined there are three key elements that contribute to the message a person delivers. The key elements are often referred to as the three V’s – Verbal, Vocal and Visual. It is our ability to integrate these elements consistently to communicate a powerful, effective message.

#1 – Verbal

Verbal represents 7% of the meaning of what you communicate. The words you use matter and influence what others think of you. Just because the percentage is low doesn’t mean it doesn’t count.

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Consider the power and meaning of the words you use. Make sure your words are supporting you and showcase your value. Be aware to not use language that puts you down and don’t use qualifiers (ex: “This may sound stupid…” or “This may not be important”… or “This may have been said before”…). If the examples listed are true, don’t say it. 

#2 – Vocal

Vocal represents 38% of your message. This is how you deliver your message, the tone of voice you use. Your delivery has five times the impact on your listeners than the actual words.

As an example, when you want to make a point about an important issue, you deliver your message with greater authority and certainty in order to be taken seriously. You would not use a jovial or light-hearted approach as you risk being misunderstood. Your words and tone need to be congruent to be heard in the manner you intend.

#3 – Visual

Visual represents 55% of the message you communicate. This is what people visually observe about you. The way you dress, how you carry yourself, your facial expressions and your body language. Research indicates that what we see weights more heavily than the words we hear spoken.

For instance: Someone says, “I am no longer bothered by what happened.” However, what is visually observed is the lack of eye contact, looking agitated and the person is physically turned away from whom they are speaking with. What conclusion would you draw?

Just like our well-dressed man I mentioned at the beginning. He didn’t say anything though he spoke about himself by the way he expressed himself non-verbally.

The non-verbal message will definitely outweigh the spoken words.

Effective and meaningful communication needs to have all three key elements aligned – your words, delivery and visual presence. If they are not the receiver will believe what they see.

Ask Yourself

Over the next month pay closer attention to your own style of communication. Are you getting the response you intend when engaging with others? What is your body language saying?

If you are making the connection you desire, that is fantastic. Review what you are doing and keep doing it.

If not, where can you make adjustments to be more effective and intentional with your message so you are aligned with your brand and the impression you want to create?

Align yourself with what matters most to you. Live your brand fully expressed with intention and purpose to play bigger!

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