What’s Ahead For You?

Last December, when I began to think about the upcoming year, I decided to go beyond the “to do” list of accomplishments. I wanted to actually have experiences that allowed me to reconnect with myself and rediscover what was truly important.

To make the changes I wanted I knew that focus was important. There were three areas I wanted to get better at: improve my fitness level, be more connected spiritually and grow my business. I defined the specifics to accomplish each of these areas although I knew that growth and discovery were going to be about jumping in and experiencing life differently, instead of just reading another good book.

With these three goals in mind, I said ‘yes’ to doing things I have never done before. Saying ‘yes’ allowed me to grow, IN A BIG WAY, both personally and professionally.

What I did and how I did it was all very unfamiliar to me.

What I did…

I led with my heart instead of my head.

When the right opportunities were presented I said YES. The YES was immediate, although I needed to work through the conflicts between my thoughts and my feelings. My head kept saying things like: you didn’t plan for this, you already have other travel commitments, how can you take more time away from work, is this being responsible, should you be spending the money, you have to put a new roof on the house… The whole time my head was in this space my whole body was screaming, this is what you asked for! You need to do this!

One of the things I did: While attending a weekend workshop, the facilitator spoke about the opportunity to swim with wild dolphins. Swimming with the dolphins was all about fun and play. This trip spoke to me and was an experience I didn’t want to pass up. I began rationalizing all the reasons why I shouldn’t go. Six weeks later I was on a plane going to Bimini. This was a first!

I learned by listening to my heart and quieting my mind that the right decision allowed me to feel totally at peace with myself. There were no yucky unresolved feelings that often showed up and hung around when I made a bad, hasty decision that was not in my best interest. Have you ever done that?

It may sound easy although learning to listen to my heart was challenging. In the past, I have stopped short of what I really wanted believing it was impossible to “have it all.” That year I changed the way I thought, shattered old beliefs that weren’t even mine and went after what I wanted. It was exhilarating!

How I did it…

I connected to the meaning of the goal instead of just meeting it.

Knowing what I wanted to create for myself was a different place to start from than just working to get things done. Knowing why it was important to be more fit, more spiritually connected and systemize my business changed my energy and mindset. Once I committed I immediately started paying attention to the invitations I was receiving from friends to attend live talks, group meditations and workshops that would surround me with like-minded people.

In the past, I may have dismissed these invitations and made excuses as to why I didn’t have time to attend. However, after making the mental commitment of what I wanted to create I was amazed at how quickly opportunities were showing up for me to take action.

These initial experiences became the jumping-off point for the three major trips I took that year and joining my business mastermind group; all of which tied back to my three original goals – fitness, spirituality and business. I had a focus!

It was fascinating to engage in unfamiliar activities: no planning ahead, saying yes when it was right, saying no when it wasn’t, travelling with a group, rooming with strangers and joining a business mastermind group that wasn’t local. Because I had taken the time to establish my goals AND knew what achieving them meant to me, I found every cell in my body telling me to seize the opportunities that presented despite it feeling a bit out of character.

I travelled to places I have never been before – Peru, Bimini and Quebec City. Every trip had a physical component – walking, hiking and yoga. I attended every live event that was aligned with my goals, no excuses.

By jumping in and doing what I haven’t done before I learned it was not about doing one thing versus the other. I learned I could have it all by having one activity complement the other to achieve what I wanted from a fitness, spiritual and business perspective.

What I know now…

That was a year of discovery in doing what wasn’t familiar and letting go of what no longer worked. I did achieve what I set out to do and more. It is what I now know that has been most profound…

  • Being spontaneous can be just as important as planning.
  • Exercise doesn’t have to be hard just consistent.
  • My spirituality is not a practice, it is a way of living.
  • A new acquaintance can turn out to be a key player in your life!
  • My mind does not know what is better for me than my heart.
  • Giving AND receiving are both important to master.
  • Asking for what you need is a sign of strength.
  • Having it all is possible!

The journey of self-discovery, connection and growth are continuous.

What did you do in the past year that you are proud of? What do you want for yourself in the next year? Why? How will you get there? Who will you surround yourself with to help you?

Align yourself with what matters most to you. Live your brand fully expressed with intention and purpose to play bigger!

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