Personal Brand Mastery – Leadership Training

In today’s fast-paced environment leaders feel the pressure of doing more with less. They feel a need to have all the answers and hold back because they question their own ability to add real value. They withdraw from having the difficult conversations and hesitate in taking the decisive action needed. They are tired of being overlooked for that next key role they feel they are a perfect fit for and frustrated by not being able to figure out why.

Most leaders I work with are experts at what they do and have already achieved a level of success. Their struggle or disconnect comes from a lack of awareness of who they are being.

How come what has worked before, no longer works? People like business need to evolve.

To make this happen leaders need time away from tasks to reflect on who they are being as a leader so they can better influence outcomes and strategy. The most critical element to any leaders success is how they show up as a person and yet they spend the least amount of time on this, if any at all.

Provide them space to think, surround them with peers working toward the same goal and engage them in conversation that encourages a different way of thinking. When they commit to doing the work, change is possible regardless of where they start.

I have witnessed leaders being clear about who they are; they make bold moves, are fully present, adaptable, generous and confident in all that they do. This adds depth to the relationships they create and builds trust in how business gets done.

Real World Results:
The Personal Brand Mastery program enables leaders to accomplish both big and small wins. When they do the work this is how it has shown up for some leaders:

  • Focused, increased productivity and knew clearly when to say no.
  • Learned to communicate to meet people where they are at, increasing the quality of work produced and the results achieved.
  • Increased level of influence without direct authority.
  • Skilfully managed meetings with high profile experts and reached resolution.
  • Cut out extra steps in a decision-making process that demonstrated respect for all involved and resulted in a more profitable outcome.
  • Confident in having the tough conversations with clients and pushing back when necessary. This has established a greater level of respect and enabled them to secure future business.
  • Having big picture conversations with clients to sell beyond the product and establish more meaningful relationships.
  • Landed meetings with key players to close ‘several’ multi-million dollar deals.
  • Closed the biggest deal of their career within months of completing the program.

Personal Brand Mastery Model

How leaders learn to achieve extraordinary results:

Personal Brand Mastery program is a proven process that has leaders immediately viewing themselves differently and functioning at a higher level. The content is delivered in digestible chunks to best support the growth of your leaders and create sustainable change. The program includes four critical components delivered over four months.

It is designed to integrate new concepts, measure progress and has built-in accountability. Results from each session are reviewed to build best practices and create change that matters most to your leaders and the organization.

Let’s work together in putting people first, your leaders, that will improve business and how it gets done.

Authentic Leaders Edge

Next Step

Ready to implement a model that elevates your leaders and has them taking ownership of who they are and the results they achieve? Interested in creating the environment that puts people first to increase engagement, build trust and improve how business gets done?

Let’s start a conversation. It will give you the opportunity to get your questions answered and understand if it is a good fit for you, your leaders or organization.