“Participants in the Personal Brand Mastery Program found the program valuable in driving their personal awareness and growth. They had to dig deep to recognize and acknowledge the thinking and behaviours that compromise their success and then commit to behavior change. I have witnessed that change in action over the four months – an increase in authenticity, managerial courage, assertiveness, focus, teamwork, work/life balance and clarity in career direction. Most of all, their job satisfaction has increased and confidence in their own ability to lead others. Thanks again for delivering an excellent program that had a real impact on accelerating the development of our leaders.”

Rania Cassar-Awe, VP Operations and Clinical, MediSystem Pharmacy (Shoppers Drug Mart Company)

“I reached out as a trusted friend used your coaching services and recommended you. The timing was perfect for me because my business and personal lives were in turmoil. You helped me recalibrate and turn that turmoil into calm that has a positive vector in the business and personal sides of my life (in fact I don’t even differentiate between those anymore). Dorothy you have had a very important positive impact on my life. You have forever changed the way I approach others, manage my life, and run my business. You are the best communicator I’ve ever met. Your understanding of how humans interact is truly spectacular. I would recommend your services any time to anyone.”

Chad Williams, President and CEO, Red Cloud Klondike Strike Inc. www.redcloudks.com

“If I could bottle you up and take you with me everywhere, I would! Thank-you for the very impactful, meaningful and powerful sessions. I had so many epiphanies about my mindset, how I communicate and what I can do to bring myself closer to branding myself in a way that is consistent with my core values. You are brilliant! I’ve had the opportunity to participate in many development opportunities throughout my career but none have ever been this valuable to me and on a level that I could really relate with and action.”

Sylvia McPherson, Global Account Executive, TELUS Communications Inc.

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“I am a senior leader who has experienced success in my career to date and has a great working relationship with my direct reports. We were focused on getting the work done and have always worked to deliver what was needed for the business. Working with Dorothy gave me the opportunity to objectively assess my leadership style and consider how I wanted to be known. She asked questions that got me thinking differently: about myself and those around me. These questions lead to change that was aligned with more of who I really am. I am now more aware of who I am being and have created opportunities for my whole team to connect which hasn’t been done before. While it wasn’t easy to change my approach, Dorothy’s experience and confidence helped me step out of my comfort zone to adopt a more authentic and holistic approach in who I am being. This changed the interactions I had, impacted my team in being more invested in achieving the established outcomes and most importantly has opened the door for everyone on my team to feel comfortable in approaching me.”

Al Burke, SVP, Construction, Development & Pilots, Loblaw Companies Limited

“As I have grown through life and in my career as an engineer – learning lessons, toughening up and gathering skills – I reached a point where various ‘gaps’ reared up or what I had been telling myself were deficiencies, impeded me from being more. Dorothy, as a leadership development coach, helped me work out what was holding me back. She gave me the tools I needed to build on my strengths and how to close the gaps. She has a remarkable way of getting to the core of issues and offering practical and compelling advice. The good news for me is her wise advice ‘sticks’. Since working with Dorothy I have experienced elevated health, resilience, confidence and mindfulness. Dorothy catalyzed and cultivated more personal growth than I could have ever imagined. My advise to others is to fasten your seat-belts and get ready for a provocative and engaging adventure.”

Andrew Croal, VP – General Manager, Mining Industry

“We engaged Dorothy over the past seven years to facilitate her personal brand development program. The focus was to address the importance of how our leader’s show up (their personal brand) and the impact it has on those they lead. The training produced such noticeable results it has been incorporated into our leadership development curriculum. Dorothy’s training and coaching continues to be key to the transformation of our leaders and the results they achieve. Dorothy is the epitome of her brand and is a true reflection of the principles she teaches in her program.”

Anthea Gomez, Director, HR & Corporate Services, Express Scripts Canada

“I made the decision to work with Dorothy on two different occasions. The first time was to define my brand and refine my professional presence. The process she took me through had me thinking differently about myself and helped me to present more powerfully. This meant transforming my physical appearance that had me feeling more comfortable in my own skin for the first time in years. The second time around, eight years later, I was looking for a tune-up to more accurately align my evolving brand with a new direction. Through her, Be Your Remarkable Self, process I connected to my most authentic brand and how I want to be known, as an “inspiring visionary.” This time I wasn’t questioning who I was, I was clarifying who I am. I came away with a crystal clear focus that speaks to everything I do. It continues to bring a smile to my face every time I think about it. A friend summed it up perfectly after I worked with Dorothy the first time, “It’s not like it is a new you, it is more like the real you.” Thank you for your guidance.”

Cindy Stradling, CSP, CPC, Founder Athena Training and Consulting, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Sales Agent www.athenatrainingandconsulting.com


“I sought out coaching as a Sr. Director at The Home Depot to improve and fine-tune my leadership skills and career focus. The coaching Dorothy provided drove strong, immediate and lasting impacts on my ability to influence others and develop a strong network to share ideas, gather feedback and develop deeper relationships. Additionally, her coaching helped me to more clearly focus on the things that I want in my career and life, and more boldly go after them while keeping myself open and aware of new opportunities to explore. The skills I gained from our coaching time together gave me the confidence to do just that and, as I continue to pursue my marketing goals, I also made the leap to fulfilling a dream of working as an actor and am committed to finding success in that field which continues to be an incredible experience.”

Jason Reilly, Actor, Marketing Strategist, Consultant www.jasonreilly.ca


“I met Dorothy at a Jack Canfield training program. I am a successful consultant and trainer. I ended up working with her during a few exercises and she provided me with feedback no one has ever given me before. She’s an expert Personal Brand Strategist and has helped me immeasurably in the development of my own “Personal Brand” with spot on input and guidance. She has inspired me to transform perceived obstacles into attainable “goals and opportunities – with confidence.”

Darryl Rosen, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant www.growsalessuperstarsNOW.com

“Dorothy has been an instructor in our Initiative for Women in Business programs since 2009. She is an expert in Personal Brand Management and in her session, participants learn how to build an authentic brand, stand out, while staying true to their values. She is an excellent facilitator and our participants have found her session to be engaging, valuable and transformative. She is passionate about her work, a consummate professional and we enjoy working with her.”

Geeta Sheker, Director, Initiative for Women in Business, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto www.rotman.utoronto.ca/womens

“We have invested heavily in programs that educate our leaders regarding products, services, storytelling, selling solutions and selling strategies. The biggest differentiator that TELUS can leverage in the marketplace is our people. That is why we chose to invest in Personal Brand Training. The initial participants were a small group of seasoned Account Executives and Sales Specialists who after going through the program expressed appreciation for the customized engaging approach that allowed them to gain the greatest value, feel more connected to the leader they want to be, more easily let go of what wasn’t working and actually experience positive results. From my perspective, this investment has delivered substantial and tangible results. The coaching you provided me, helped me reinforce the desired outcomes for each of my leaders. I have witnessed improved confidence levels, more open and transparent communication internally and with customers, and improved engagement because we invested in them as an individual – this being the most important element. Thank you!”

Dave Bowman, Vice President, TELUS Communications Inc.

“I started working with Dorothy by attending a full day public seminar and continue with personal coaching sessions. Before even attending the full day seminar, I thought I had a clear idea of whom I had to be to achieve my career and personal goals. That changed while working with Dorothy. She pulled me outside of my comfort zone and helped me see who I really am, and what’s important to me.  She helped me see how all this is part of my “brand.” I can now apply this to my current role as a leader, when dealing with my clients and in my personal relationships; ultimately helping me grow into being a strong leader. It wasn’t about “changing” who I am, but more about “realizing and understanding” who I am, and making the adjustments needed to show up as my best self. Dorothy has the intuitive skill to cut through the clutter and get to the root of who a person is and what they are doing, then helps them realize how they connect.  This knack of hers provided endless “Ah Ha” moments for myself, which in turn helped me truly realize who I am, and how this will help me on my path to be a stronger leader in both my professional and personal life.”

Victor Correia, Executive Trading Director, MEC Canada

“Dorothy before working with you I was very detached as a leader from the human side of business and more concerned about getting results. I had lost touch with myself and how I felt. I was caught up in “trying too hard” and felt threatened because I was focusing on the wrong things. This created barriers, had me acting defensively and pretending to be a hard ass, not caring about what people thought. Since being ‘nominated’ for the coaching and working with you I have reconnected to my true self realizing how much I do care about the people I work with and their perceptions of me. I am now more focused on being who I want to be and people around me are responding positively, even those I have had issues with. I treat my staff and colleagues like people first. I am a much happier person and manager. I can’t thank you enough for the life coaching you’ve provided me. I am very proud of the progress I’ve made. I am determined to continue to grow, learn and be a better, happier me. I know I will think about our conversations for years to come. Thanks for helping me reconnect with myself!”

Denise McKee, Manager, Business Integrity – Dental Express Scripts Canada

“Dorothy it is great to have you in to deliver your session on Executive Presence. I wanted to send off a quick note to let you know that everyone in attendance was ‘wowed’ with your session this morning – nothing but good words! I look forward to keeping in touch.”

Heather L.A. MacNeil, Senior Consultant, Felix Global Corp.

“Dorothy, the opportunity to work with you was a gift. It provided me with the “toolkit” to incorporate more effective leadership and decision making skills. Being given the opportunity to utilize these new tools in the development of my own “Personal Brand” with your candid input and effective mentorship inspired me to confidently transform perceived “obstacles and challenges” into attainable “goals and opportunities!” Thank you!”

Gene Stodolak, Office of the President, Director, Special Partnerships & Projects, Mohawk College of Applied Arts & Technology, President, of OACETT in Ontario

“Dorothy working with you had a profound effect on me. I didn’t realize how angry I was and how isolated I was becoming. Working through the tough issues has me feeling more sure of myself, more in control, and a much more productive team member. I feel completely new.”

Chris McGroarty, Creative Director, Y&R Canada

“Dorothy given the opportunity to work with you helped me to get back in touch with who I really am and what is important to me. Within a short period of time I recognized shifts in all areas of my life. Our work together is a major factor in my renewed sense of self confidence. I couldn’t have done it without your warm yet candid approach and it is exactly what I needed to feel secure in being more of who I am. Thank you for your part in guiding me to live my best life.”

Vicki Orlewicz, VP Digital Strategist, BBDO Canada

“Dorothy, the receptivity of the team on the benefits of delving into this area of personal growth comes across loud and clear in their comments! I also see your expertise and passion in leading the session(s) has helped everyone get the most out of this training. Our HR Director even asked one of the participants give a quick overview of the session at the company management offsite. I had comments from other managers thanking us for sharing the information and were in agreement with how beautifully it tied into the corporate initiatives around diversity and inclusion. Your content and delivery was perfect for the group…well done!!”

Lynn Bice, Director Customer Service, ESI Canada

“Dorothy, you have done an excellent job coaching the elected volunteers in executive capacities. Your coaching style has enhanced their level of professionalism and confidence. This positive change has benefited the Association, the members and community supporters. It has also extended into their personal careers. Thank you.”

David Thomson, Executive Director, OACETT

“Dorothy we met when I was in transition. I was looking to better understand my place in both the corporate and my personal world. It is with complete certainty that you brought both clarity and focus to what I wanted and who I wanted to be. It took me several years to fully evolve into the personal brand I defined for myself but am convinced that without your help, guidance and sometimes-painful truths, that it would have taken a lifetime. I have become laser focused on what it is I offer to my customers, and more in tune with the needs of my family and friends. As I reflect back on my time with you I am truly thankful you came into my life, and would highly recommend your services to anyone who is looking to better themselves in all facets of their lives.”

Robert Mendelssohn, President & Founder, Total Procurement

“Dorothy is an exceptional coach and facilitator, her talent for achieving results by tapping into key issues and providing constructive insightful solutions truly sets her apart. Dorothy took our mastermind groups to a whole new level, creating an environment of deep enlightenment, trust, and most importantly accountability. Through our time with Dorothy we saw major shifts in our lives, attitudes and trajectory to success. What makes Dorothy so special is that she is the embodiment of her coaching, a truly authentic leader.”

Aurea Crotty, Founder, Savoir Faire Professionals Inc.

“WOW – I have never seen / heard a presentation like yours. I was so inspired by your delivery yesterday that you had me thinking all night. Your execution style had so much charisma, passion and most of all BELIEF. Isn’t that the bottom line – BELIEF in yourself personally and professionally? You touched me on many levels, professionally and personally. I just wanted you to know the difference that you’re capable of making in other peoples lives.”

Christina Hois, Bank of Montreal

“It was great meeting you and having you in to deliver your session to the group. The feedback from participants was very positive. Everyone really enjoyed the session and walked away with practical tools they could apply immediately. Thanks!”

Jeannie White, Sr. Human Resources Advisor, Symcor

“Thank you for the significant role that you played in my transformation/metamorphosis. I am genuinely sad to see the sessions coming to an end. Thanks again for helping me become a better person, along with the class and sophistication that you showed in the process.”

D.K.R., Entrepreneur

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