What Does Your Name Bring to Mind?

What does your name

Companies invest a lot of time, money and energy into building their brands. They want you to have a certain experience with their products. Take a moment to consider popular consumer products that are in the same category and what thoughts they bring to mind…

  • Apple versus Microsoft
  • Rolex versus Timex
  • BMW versus Ford
  • Godiva versus Hershey

What words come to mind that you would use to describe these brands? These words represent what you believe the brand stands for and what you feel you get from each. This is true whether you had a personal experience with these products, heard about them from a friend or learned about them through their marketing efforts.

The same holds true for you when people hear your name. The words that come to mind are based on an experience they had with you and how you made them feel. This association is based on personal interaction, observation, word-of-mouth or virtually.

This being true, it makes sense to be intentional and strategic about the personal elements of your brand ensuring the message you convey is consistent with the message you intend.

Start With The End In Mind

Starting with a clear intention of what you want to achieve for yourself and how you want to be known is key in reaching your desired outcome. Being mindful and strategic play a big role in building your brand.

Visualize walking into an event that presents you with the opportunity to speak with some high profile people you admire. Ask yourself…

“What is the perception I want to create?”

“What words do I want to hear others use to describe me?”

“What do I want to be known for?”

You define who you are and align everything you do and say to support that. Adapting your language and delivery to who you’re interacting with, without changing who you are. Every time you are in front of other people, whether attending a social occasion, business meeting or training seminar, it is an opportunity for you to make a brand impression.

Be clear. Be intentional. Be deliberate. If you don’t define your brand someone else will.

What Next?

Determine the words you want to own in the minds of others. These words become your guideline for how you show up in your daily interactions to create the impression that aligns with the words of how you want to be known.

Now the challenge is to keep these words top of mind for you! Where can you post your words so you can start your day with the intention of being the person that aligns with the brand you want?

Align yourself with what matters most to you. Live your brand fully expressed with intention and purpose to play bigger!

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Dorothy Lazovik

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