Take Your Fear….

I spent last weekend immersed in a course entitled “Get Out of Your Own Way” that has me feeling recharged and invigorated about life. Having a different perspective of expanding on who I am inspires me and taking fear, that shows up in my life, along for the ride feels empowering.

There is a range of emotions you feel in the process of living your life – joy, sadness, pleasure, hardship, fun, disappointment and the list goes on. Although fear seems to be the one emotion that has the potential to hold us back or take us out of the game.

Fear will show up so it is important to decide how you will deal with it, not eliminate it. You can bump into fear and let it become an obstacle that keeps you from moving forward or you can choose to recognize it and bring it along for the ride.

Choosing Your Focus

Example: Imagine you have a meeting to review a presentation with your boss that you have not completed. You are new in your role and acknowledge you didn’t request the information you needed from your team far enough ahead of time.

You can choose to be fearful of what your boss will think by falling short of his expectations and make excuses OR you can start the meeting by letting him know that the presentation is incomplete, that you didn’t request the information from others far enough ahead of time and give him a date when you will be prepared to review the completed presentation.

The first choice has you acting from fear and the second choice has you facing your fear and bringing it along for the ride.

A client lived through this situation and his boss praised him for his leadership and taking ownership of the situation.

Example: Imagine that you have been given an ultimatum from your boss due to fundamental disagreements. He expects you to do things his way (which to you is out of integrity) or you have forty-five days. You can choose to be fearful of not being able to get another job, worry about what everyone is going to say and decide to stay OR you can be true to who you are and take the forty-five days.

The first choice you are acting from fear and the second choice you are facing your fear and taking it along for the ride.

I actually lived through this in my twenties. Fear never took over because I so strongly believed in my choice. It showed up though I chose not to entertain it or make myself the victim. I did what was right for me and stayed focused on my success. What I did well became my story when I networked, not why I left. Much to my surprise, I landed a new job within two weeks!

Miracles seem to happen when we are focused on the right stuff.
Dorothy Lazovik

Get Real

Fear is a belief you have, it is not based on facts. Fear is something you make up in your head about what might happen.

When you are willing to take a stand, face your fear and take it along for the ride, you will discover it is never as bad as you think.

There is a quote by Mark Twain that I love. “There are many terrible things that have happened to me in my life and some of them have actually happened.”

Take your fear along for the ride, it will empower you and your life!


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