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13 January 2016

Counterintuitive Strategies To Help You Achieve More

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January marks a fresh start with a new set of goals. Your goals typically stretch you and expect more of you. To achieve the outcomes you set for yourself it will take more then discipline and commitment, it needs to include doing something different. 

Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” I believe the same idea applies to achieving your goals. You cannot achieve more or better from doing or thinking in the same way and expect to achieve something different. 

You need to open yourself up to what may seem counterintuitive. Doing things in a way that doesn’t seem right or natural especially in the beginning.

Disrupting What Is Typical 

Different doesn’t have to be hard but it is important to give it a chance. Here are seven key strategies that leaders I work with practice to more consistently achieve their goals with less effort.

#1 You first. Are you taking the time and doing the tasks that will move the needle for you first? In order to meet your goals and deadlines you need to make them a priority. Block time in your calendar for them first. Let the other tasks and requests become secondary.

#2 Hold your goals loosely. How many times has something turned out better then you could have even imagined? Don’t hold onto your way of how tasks need to be accomplished that you miss what might be even better. Listen with an open mind and entertain opportunities when presented because you can’t perceive what better looks like ahead of time. 

 #3 Assign meaning to what you do. How many times do you catch yourself just going through the motions of completing a task instead of enjoying it?When you assign meaning to what you do it takes on a purpose and becomes more fulfilling. It inspires you to pick yourself up when you fall.

#4 Take breaks regularlyHow often do you go from a meeting to doing a task to attending a meeting to getting on a call without a break? To operate at your highest level productivity experts suggest taking a break every 90 minutes; mentally, physically and emotionally. It reinvigorates and relaxes you. This could be as easy as plugging into your music for ten minute or taking a walk outside. It shifts your energy and will change everything.

#5 Share your goals. Do you keep your goals to yourself to save yourself from being judged? Reach out to people whom you value and will champion you in reaching your goals. Leaders have stated that sharing their goals with another person makes them feel more real and creates a greater sense of ownership.

Besides when you share, you never know who can help you get to where you want to go.

#6 Meditate daily. Do you have a minimum of five minutes a day to sit in silence? Willpower and discipline are required ingredients when working to achieve your goals. Research shows meditating as little as five minutes a day can increase your willpower AND lower your blood pressure, increase your concentration, reduce stress, increase your immune system, your self-awareness and happiness. Feeling calm and focused can help you more easily achieve your goals.

#7 Review your successes daily. Do you experiences wins throughout your day and typically move on? Take time to note your successes and all the steps you took to make them happen. Think about what you did (the how) and what contributed to making is go well (the why). It primes you to repeat what works and fosters a more positive mindset.

Remember as you work toward achieving your goals who you become, as a person and a leader, along the way is also a big part of your achievement.

Your Move

What strategies do you feel will help you move the needle in 2016? Decide and make the commitment now; schedule it, reach out to someone or block the time to move the needle.

Something tells me this is going to be an outstanding year!


Align yourself with what matters most to you. Live your brand fully expressed with intention and purpose to play bigger!

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