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04 June 2014

Executive Presence - what is it and do you have it?

Are you able to walk into a meeting and command the attention of the room? Do you show up being 100% genuine? Do you exhibit ‘grace under fire'? Executive Presence isn’t about your title or level of authority, it is what a person reveals...

30 May 2014

Life Advice by Mike Rowe

Have you ever declared you wanted something in your life and prepared the mental list of exactly what had to be included for you to be happy? You know that list for the perfect man or woman! The perfect job! Heck the perfect life!...

02 May 2014

5 Maverick Moves That Demonstrate Confidence

Being a maverick is being best in class. Standing out as an independent thinker and a bit of a rebel. Not conforming to all the rules or shying away from uncomfortable situations….

17 April 2014

Recalibrate Your Confidence Meter

Here’s an unfortunate truth. We hold ourselves to standards we would never impose on colleagues, friends or family. Berating ourselves for mistakes, ruminating over missteps and discounting our victories…these behaviors take a toll on our confidence and brand image…. 

03 April 2014

Are Your Thoughts Holding You Back?

Are you that person that won’t get out on the dance floor because you don’t want to look foolish? OR are you that person that is willing to jump in and have a good time regardless of what others think?...


08 March 2014

Four Behaviours That Undermine Your Power (2 of 2)

Being on the receiving end of these behaviors never feels good. You can fall into them when you find yourself waiting in line or stuck in traffic or when someone doesn’t hold the elevator door for you and you don't even realize you are doing it…. 

21 February 2014

Feedback You Get Thanked For - Good or Bad!

Feedback is one of those things that is not typically sought out and is often dreaded. What if you could learn to ask for feedback that was actually constructive? AND what if you could learn to give feedback...


06 February 2014

Four Behaviours That Undermine Your Power (1 of 2)

At the start of the year you are pumped and all change seems possible. Thirty-one days in of conscious effort to create change can start to feel like a long time. ...

23 January 2014

Fastest Way To Change Your Reality

Your perception is your reality. 
When you are waiting for your appointment at the doctors’ office are you  ...

09 January 2014

Find The Magic In Who You Are Being

January marks a fresh start with a new set of goals. When you consider your goals you typically focus on what you do and get, the tangible outcomes. ...

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