Do You Agree with Disney?

do you agree

Do you believe in happy endings and the possibility of dreams coming true? If not, please DON’T BURST MY BUBBLE!

There is evidence all around us to prove that dreams do come true. The proof shows up when we focus on the things that support our dreams rather than on the things that don’t.

Dreams require belief and determination because the road may not always be smooth. While en route to achieving our dreams we may encounter detours, bumps in the road, setbacks and barriers. When these come up, it might feel like reaching our dream is impossible; however, just like Walt Disney, dreams do come true with the right support system and focus.

One Dream

A girlfriend of mine has talked about living downtown as she did before having children, for the 20 years I have known her. She conceded to move to the suburbs based on her husband’s desires but always knew that downtown would be her home again one day. She recently became the proud homeowner of a downtown home!

She never obsessed over it but the dream was always there. There were times the dream felt like it would never happen. There were times the dream seemed financially out of reach. There were unexpected events that occurred and she even hit a few potholes through the years. But, the dream persisted even when her circumstances made it seem impossible.

Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” 

Your Dream

In the spirit of possibility, think about what you have always dreamt of wanting to do or have?

Write this dream down and commit to it. Whether your dream is purchasing a home, being mortgage-free, buying that dream car, landing that dream job, starting your own business, performing on stage, volunteering your time or taking that dream trip, it can happen.

Once you have the clarity of having written down explicitly what you want to achieve, think about who you can talk to about your dream. Make sure it is a person that will support you and your dream.

Outline a few steps you can take this coming year that will get you closer to living your dream.

Realizing Your Dream

My oldest son had to overcome what he saw as obstacles to move closer to his dream; this meant making some tough decisions. One was selling a brand new truck that he loved in order to go back to school. Getting to this point was not easy but once the decision was made his excitement was undeniable. This is what living into your dream feels like.

What are you willing to do or give up to live your dream?

NOTE: Your personal brand is ALL about you and creating the life that reflects who you are… that includes your dreams!

The more people you tell, the more you talk about your dreams the better! Here’s to making your dreams come true.

Align yourself with what matters most to you. Live your brand fully expressed with intention and purpose to play bigger!

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