5 Maverick Moves That Demonstrate Confidence

Being a maverick is being best in class.

Standing out as an independent thinker and a bit of a rebel. Not conforming to all the rules or shying away from uncomfortable situations.

There are the famous mavericks you know in business and entertainment, and those that you encounter in your own everyday life.

In a recent training, participants discovered how helpful it would be to the success of their brands and how they become known to stay with the discomfort of a conversation or situation.

Stay to deal with the issue instead of pretending it didn’t happen or thinking it will just go away.

Making the conscious decision to stay with it shows confidence and is totally a maverick move.

This is huge on many levels; it is growth, it frees up your energy and allows you to move on because you got it handled! No need to carry it with you and keep thinking about it.

To get it handled and eliminate the mental obstacles that stop you from showcasing your best, here are five maverick moves to consider that will support you in creating an experience that sets you apart from others.

1 – Be Original

Get comfortable with who you are and what you stand for. Identify how you want to be known and take the lead to make that happen.

Be 100% genuine because when you are people feel it and are attracted to it. If you aren’t they will feel that and won’t trust you.

Looking for support in being your best – seek out leaders you admire and model what they do, don’t copy them.

2 – Be Clear Of Your Value

The best brands in the marketplace step up and say they are the best. They don’t hold back. We don’t judge them for it, we decide for ourselves through our experience.

Know what you offer and how you want to be known. Give voice to it every opportunity you have and bring it to life through your actions.

Make sure your actions are creating the experience of what you want others to know about you. It is up to you to make the link.

3 – Be An Open Source

Here’s where leaders hold back. Sharing your ideas and best practices is an amazing way to leverage your expertise and establish your credibility.

When you help others be successful, it contributes to your success. This is not the place to keep your genius a secret because you are concerned others will take credit for your brilliance. You can be pleased by the fact that your idea/genius is being shared and put your brilliance to work by sharing that idea with everyone you know to be identified as the source!

4 – Be Willing To Take Risks

What are you giving up if you don’t?

Share that off-the-wall idea, offer up the innovative approach to an old way of doing things, voice your belief even if it is unpopular, all it takes is courage. It is this courage that creates change and opens others up to greater possibility.

Think about the stuff that plays a part in your everyday life.

If someone didn’t have the courage to get outside the box and screw up at times, you and I would be communicating very differently today. It is not easy but worth it, no matter what the outcome.

What might seem like failure or rejection today may just be your next opportunity.

5 – Be Open To Learning

Keep an open mind and stay curious.

Learn and make the effort to apply what you learn to transform information or a theory into an experience.

When you are in discussion with someone whose opinion you don’t agree with instead of resisting and pushing back or worse shutting them down, just sit and hold the space for them to be right. You still don’t have to agree though it will build stronger connections and respect.

Stop holding back and take the risk to implement one maverick move at a time that allows others to experience your difference and confidence. If there is more than one, you feel you need to work on, choose the one that will make the biggest impact for you and your brand first. Stick with it until you feel you have it mastered then move on to what comes next!!!

Align yourself with what matters most to you. Live your brand fully expressed with intention and purpose to play bigger!

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By Dorothy

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