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The public events offer you the opportunity to take a step back from your busy schedule and invest quality time in yourself. It will provide you with the tools to develop an unshakable brand foundation, effectively leverage your key strengths and have you boldly go after what you really want. The day will shift the way you see yourself, challenge you to stretch and provide a more direct path to your success.

If you are ready to get crystal clear about who you are and accelerate your success this is for you!

Why a Public Event?

To quickly and dramatically improve the results you are getting in your career and your life.

If you are feeling stuck or frustrated with your results....a Public Event will help you see what you can't on your own and positively shift the results you are currently getting.

If you are interested in developing an authentic, remarkable personal brand but your company does not offer my training...a Public Event offers the perfect opportunity to invest in yourself to define your how you want to be known and leverage your assets to achieve outstanding results. You will get practical tools you can apply immediately.

How is a Public Event structured?

A Public Event is structured for you to do the work that will boost your confidence and have you break through self-imposed barriers that may be holding you back. Ensuring you walk away with a solid brand foundation that is an authentic reflection of you. You can opt for an individual session or be part of a group session.

For individual sessions you have the option of selecting a full day or a half-day. The full day is nine to five and lunch is on me. A half-day is from nine to noon. The type of day is determined by what you want to work on; structuring a success strategy, building a strong dynamic personal brand, looking to fine tune the one you have or wanting to align your brand with your business.

A group session is only offered as a full day. One full day option is focusing on devloping a dynamic authentic brand that exudes confidence and establishes your expertise. Another full day option is learning the key success principles that work 100% of the time. Bonus is getting immediate feedback and leveraging your time by being in a room with people that want what you want!

What is The Next Step?

To get more details click on Individual Session or Group Session to determine which is the best fit for you.