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Projecting Executive Presence

"Competence alone does not lead to professional success."
D.A. Benton 

Impressions count! Knowing that, it makes sense to take charge of the elements that contribute to it. Studies support the fact that assumptions and judgments are made of people based on nothing more then our impressions of them. Strategically managing your impression gives you the advantage needed to differentiate yourself from others. In person or virtually, it all matters!

The results are consistent – leaders who deliver a strong, positive, confident impression are more successful and receive more opportunities.

Why Choose Projecting Executive Presence Program?

Projecting Executive Presence is essential for all business leaders. This leadership program provides leaders with the key strategies to enhance self-awareness, increase personal effectiveness, and positively influence their first impression. 

Why Projecting Executive Presence Training Program?  

  • To have your leaders learn the importance of first impressions and how it impacts potential opportunities 
  • To learn the fundamental elements of projecting a powerful presence
  • To increase a leaders personal effectiveness and ability to influence
  • To communicate their message with greater certainty and confidence

What Is the Next Step?

If you are interested in booking a Projecting Executive Presence training session or want more details please click here to connect and we will respond to your request within one business day.