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Leadership Development

 Are your leaders ready to make the shift from surviving to thriving?

  • Are they struggling to communicate their message confidently and be heard?
  • Are your leaders frustrated by not being recognized for their expertise?
  • Do they find it difficult to take decisive action?
  • Are your leaders reluctant to having the difficult conversations?
  • Do your leaders lack the presence of a leader?

It is important for leader’s to determine their path for success. They begin by thinking about who they want to be as a leader then take the steps to make it happen. Addressing any gaps, eliminating any barriers, removing the blind spots and exposing them to what is possible along the way. This ultimately saves time and provides maximum growth. Our Personal Brand Training for Leaders corporate programs are structured to take leaders from surviving to thriving!

What Leader’s Can Do To Maximize Their Success…

  • Know who they are and the value they contribute 
  • Confidently articulate and express their ideas 
  • Care about and connect with others 
  • Be 100% genuine and inclusive
  • Develop their people to deliver exceptional results 

There is NO “One Size Fits All” Model For Leadership

Leader’s need to define who they are, clearly establish expectations, have the confidence to act on what they know, boldly admit what they don’t and own it!

To have leaders boldly step into that role, it is essential for them to acquire the right tools to act in alignment with “who they are” along with embracing the values of their organization. 

Our Corporate Leadership Development programs show leaders how to take that bold step by creating an authentic Executive Presence, developing their Personal Brand and mastering their IT Factor so they can …

  • Experience a higher level of confidence and certainty
  • Increase their level of influence 
  • Communicate their message with purpose and build trust 
  • Establish their credibility
  • Produce results that matter
  • Focus on developing people and relationships

Our transformational leadership development creates the awareness that empowers change by directly addressing the behaviours and the mindset to make change stick. 

To help you, our clients, meet your leadership development objectives we…

  • Have a Discovery Session to learn about your needs and if there is a fit
  • Develop a plan that provides choice and outlines clear deliverables to create sustainable change
  • Work to meet your needs and objectives, not ours 

Our workshops are offered both as half day and full day sessions. We tailor our transformational sessions to address the specific needs of your organization.

Why Choose Personal Brand Development for Leaders Leadership Programs?

To empower your leaders to find their unique voice and build confidence in their abilities to produce exceptional results. 

What is The Next Step?

To get more details regarding our different programs, click on Executive Presence, Personal Branding or Mastering Your IT Factor to learn more. The leadership programs listed can be facilitated independently to create awareness or combined to build a deeper learning experience in establishing sustainable change.