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Personal Brand Coaching 4 Leaders

Live: Personal Brand Coaching 4 Leaders is always confidential and addresses all of who you are. The individual sessions are structured to build a solid foundation for your brand. During the sessions you get the personalized, immediate feedback you need on the verbal and non-verbal cues that may be giving you away. It can be shocking to discover what they are. 

Virtual: If live coaching doesn’t make geographic sense, we offer a virtual option. Opting for the virtual experience, you will need a computer equipped with a camera, so we can still be face-to-face! 

The PB4L is for you if: 

  • You want to be more confident.
  • You want to increase your circle of influence.
  • You want to develop a dynamic personal brand.
  • You want to establish a mindset that supports your brand.
  • You want to live by the standards that are meaningful to you.
  • You are committed to investing the time to do the work.
  • You are willing to stretch yourself.
  • You are interested in taking ownership of your success.

The PB4L offers you:

  • A Get Acquainted Call: You start your coaching program with a thirty-minute phone call clarifying what you want to improve and establishing the expectations. It will also determine if there is a fit for us to work together. The coaching process is all about you and going after what you want!
  • Pre-work: Is emailed prior to your first coaching session to allow you with the time to independently think through the exercises without feeling pressure. You email the completed exercises back a minimum of 48 hours prior to the first session. This allows us to be more productive with our time when we are together.
  • Online Assessment: This tool provides a detailed profile of your personality and communication style preferences. This ensures you understand your preferred style of communication, how it can be perceived and techniques that will support you in communicating effectively with any audience. 
  • Six Two Hour Face-to-Face Coaching Sessions: They are typically booked in two-week increments. This provides the opportunity to practice new skills and apply new strategies between sessions. The coaching sessions are confidential. They focus on you and developing your personal brand. Minimum package is three months.  
  • Customized Personal Branding 4 Leaders Strategy Exercises: These exercises are an additional support tool that will assist you in getting the most from each coaching session. From the exercises, we create templates that will guide you in achieving ‘repeatable’ success.
  • ‘Unlimited Access’ by Email: During the coaching sessions this provides you with another channel of access between sessions. It is a quick way to ask questions and have a sounding board when needed. Guaranteed response within 4 hours.
  • Three 15 minute Laser Focused Support Calls: They are used to address specific leadership challenges as they occur in the workplace or to keep you on track. 
  • Relevant Business Book: One that is beneficial to your professional growth and provides an additional perception on the subject material that compliments what we are working on.

What Is The Next Step? 

I invite you to connect with us if you feel the Live or Virtual Personal Brand Coaching 4 Leaders Program is for you. If not now, when? This is your time!