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Executive Coaching

Making the shift to play bigger

  • Are you a leader that knows what you want though not sure how to get it? 
  • Are you struggling to be taken seriously as a leader and unaware of what is getting in your way? 
  • Are you tired of working hard and not getting the results you want? 
  • Do you feel shy about promoting your accomplishments or find it self-serving? 
  • Are you confused at how to differentiate yourself from your peers?

Coaching supports you in gaining clarity and accelerating change. It helps you see what you can’t and do what you haven’t on your own.

Our Personal Brand Coaching for Leaders Programs support you in:

  • Discovering what works best for YOU
  • Shifting your perspective to see what is possible
  • Overcoming self doubt and eliminating barriers to communicate with greater certainty
  • Identifying your value and demonstrating it to increase visibility   
  • Creating a Success Blueprint to deliver consistent results
  • Stretching yourself to deliver the unexpected

Our Personal Brand Coaching for Leaders Programs offer you:   

  • Honest, immediate feedback
  • Accountability when you need it most
  • A confidential sounding board 
  • Objective support with no judgment

Personal Brand Coaching for Leaders Programs will give you the support you need, to get you the results you want!

The top three Personal Brand Coaching for Leaders Programs are:

#1 – Personal Branding for Leaders: This three month coaching program supports you in developing an unshakeable brand foundation and strengthening your leadership style. Immediate feedback on your verbal and non-verbal communication enables you to deliberately create the brand impression you desire. It can be shocking to discover the cues that may be giving you away and undermining your power. 

This leadership brand coaching program is offered in person. If being in person is not possible you can opt for the virtual alternative. 

What you get: An initial phone call to get acquainted, establish expectations and objectives. An invitation to take an online assessment, pre-work that is emailed and completed prior to the first coaching session. There are six two-hour face-to-face coaching sessions, customized strategy exercises, unlimited access by email during the coaching program, three fifteen minute laser focused support calls between the live sessions and a relevant business book that supports the coaching process and your professional development. To read more details click here.

#2 – Personal Branding for Leaders Advantage: This leadership coaching programs advantage is having the 360 conversations to identify perceived gaps before the coaching sessions begin AND again when they are complete. This program provides the targeted support to close 'the identified gaps' and accelerate behavioural changes.  

What you get: All of the features listed in the Personal Branding for Leaders Program plus….two confidential 360 conversations with six to eight hand selected key people. The first conversation establishes the benchmark and the second conversation assesses the impact of the coaching. To read more details click here.

#3 – Personal Branding for Leaders Ultimate Advantage: This ultimate leadership coaching program ensures that every aspect of a leaders brand is fully aligned with the message they intend. It is no secret that to be taken seriously as a leader, one doesn't only need to act like a leader, they also need to look like one. This program empowers leaders with the complete brand package, inside and out!

What you get: All of the features listed in the Personal Branding for Leaders Advantage Program plus….a full day dedicated to a leaders' brand image. Aligning the look with the substance of the leader! It is essentially another eight hour day of coaching that inspires transformation…bonus! To read more details click here.


Personal Brand Coaching for Leaders Programs at a Glance:

The chart below is based on a three-month coaching package. The premium and ultimate packages extend beyond the three months based on the extra services and a leaders’ busy schedule.

Personal Brand Coaching for Leaders

Time commitment for programs






30 Minute Get Acquainted Call

Pre-work and Online Assessment

6 - 2 hour Coaching Sessions

Unlimited Access by email

Three 15 minute Laser Focused Support Calls

Custom Personal Brand Strategy Exercises

2 - 360 Confidential Conversations


Visual Brand Presence – Full Day



Visual Brand Presence Summary Report












What Is The Next Step?

If you are ready to jump in and discuss which coaching program is the right fit for you take the next step and connect with us now!