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Our Message

"It is never just one thing you do…it is the accumulation of everything you do 
that establishes your brand distinction and influences your success."
– Dorothy Lazovik

Authentic Leaders Edge specializes in the personal side of leadership.

Our goal is to help millions of leaders discover who they really are and leverage their unique brand to be in control of their life. We want to reinforce that the easiest way for every leader to prosper is to be the best version of themselves! Having a well defined personal brand provides a direct path for leaders to get there.

Developing your own personal brand as a leader involves five key steps:

  • Define and develop your core foundation.
  • Identify and clarify what you really want in life.
  • Take control of your inner game.
  • Boldly communicate and market your value.
  • Practice the success strategies to be consistent in everything you do.

Here's what you experience:

  • The peace and ease of being who you are, at your core, not who you think you "should" be.
  • The satisfaction of doing the work you love instead of what you're "supposed" to do.
  • The personal presence that commands attention when you walk into a room or speak.
  • The rewards that come from showcasing your value. No more "hoping" that your hard work gets noticed.
  • The credibility you desire by taking consistent action.

The Authentic Leaders Edge Difference

Our difference is our approach. Authentic Leaders Edge develops people to be better leaders by working with them to develop themselves first and then a leadership model that aligns with their brand.

How do we do it?

By taking leaders through the Be Your Remarkable Self process. We have a proven track record in helping leaders build an unshakable brand foundation, master their mindset and develop success strategies that give them a framework to follow. This builds trust and allows them the confidence to command the attention they deserve achieving the outcomes that are most meaningful to them.

Authentic Leader's Edge Mission

To inspire all leaders to live their truth and be seen for who they are. Defined by what they want, not settling for what they think they can get.