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Articles tagged with: mindset

09 September 2016

Seven Strategic Pauses To Create Your Brand Advantage

Pausing often gets a bad rap even though it can help you avoid embarrassing moments! Leaders often describe it as a weakness rather then strength. Like many things in life, it depends on your perspective.... 

18 July 2016

Differentiate Your Brand With A Tough Mudder Mentality

A girlfriend and her daughter recently completed a Tough Mudder event in Whistler, B.C. It is a physically grueling and mentally challenging event. What I didn’t realize is, a Tough Mudder is more about team and facing your fears then accomplishing your personal best. It is an event, not a race!....

12 April 2016

To Change Your World, Change Your Mind

As you work to improve your leadership style and be more aligned with your personal brand, have you ever considered how your self-image affects your overall success? 

The late Dr. Maxwell Maltz, a well-known plastic surgeon and author of Psycho Cybernetics stated, “You act and feel not according to what things are really like, but according to....

13 January 2016

Counterintuitive Strategies To Help You Achieve More

January marks a fresh start with a new set of goals. Your goals typically stretch you and expect more of you. To achieve the outcomes you set for yourself it will take more then discipline and commitment, it needs to include doing something different....

09 June 2015

Balance Requires Change Are You Up For It?

Over the years I have heard experts say balance is not achievable. I believe it is, though it may be different then what you think. 

I think balance starts on the inside: more of a feeling and state of being... 

07 April 2015

The Stories You Tell Yourself Influence Your Success

Craig had a fear of public speaking. Including giving formal presentation to clients. This was holding him back from playing at a higher level both personally and professionally.

His thinking was robbing him of being brilliant. How does a guy like Craig, who is terrified of public speaking, decide to 

10 March 2015

Knowing Your Brand Effectiveness Is Critical To Your Success

Julie was recently given the opportunity to play a lead role on a big project. She admitted that even with the success she experienced in her career this project was a bit intimidating; it was bigger then anything she worked on before…. 


04 September 2014

Seven Steps to Link Your Thoughts to Your Success

In a recent conversation with my niece, who just graduated from University, was sharing all the job opportunities she has to choose from. Her level of enthusiasm washed away any fleeting thoughts of doubt....

19 June 2014

Game Changing Moves To Create a Remarkable Brand

Here’s a truth…everyone has a brand! I believe your brand showcases the essence of who you are, if it doesn’t it needs to! It is expressed by the experience you create for others and how you make them feel….

03 April 2014

Are Your Thoughts Holding You Back?

Are you that person that won’t get out on the dance floor because you don’t want to look foolish? OR are you that person that is willing to jump in and have a good time regardless of what others think?...


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