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Articles tagged with: leadership

18 July 2016

Differentiate Your Brand With A Tough Mudder Mentality

A girlfriend and her daughter recently completed a Tough Mudder event in Whistler, B.C. It is a physically grueling and mentally challenging event. What I didn’t realize is, a Tough Mudder is more about team and facing your fears then accomplishing your personal best. It is an event, not a race!....

10 June 2016

Drive Engagement and Build High Performers With This One Simple Practice

A client was recently sharing how impressed he was with the effort his team put into thinking through a new strategy for their business. He articulated how creative and committed they were to building out the best solution. I could feel his pride....

13 May 2016

Five Performance Enhancing Moves For Work To Feel More Like Play

Both coaches and players have rules to follow. But sometimes, just the notion of rules makes us want to break them. Leaders need to start looking at them differently. Rules provide a clear structure allowing you to take risks and personalize your style of play... 

18 February 2016

Seven Brand Strategies That Strips Away Ordinary And Celebrates Being Remarkable

“Remarkable is defined as ‘worthy of attention’. It is packed with the small details and actions that make a difference for others.”

Recently I delivered a session for eighty plus Executive MBA students and alumni at the Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto...

14 July 2015

Don't Have a Coach? Four Quick Strategies to Independently Develop Your Personal Brand

Working with an executive coach that specializes in personal branding affords you the advantage of having a qualified professional lead you through a process to develop the best version of you. 

If you aren’t getting that expert guidance from a coach how do you know if...

16 December 2014

Heartfelt Appreciation Drives Engagement

In a recent public session I facilitated a participant, April, revealed how her friend Clare had impacted her life in a very meaningful way. She expressed a deep appreciation and articulated the many things Clare did that made a difference for her, including…. 

10 November 2014

Lessons I Learned from Jack Canfield

One year ago I decided to make a substantial investment in myself to grow as a person and as a leader. I regularly invest in myself to learn and grow though never at this level. This started an internal dialogue of... 


04 September 2014

Seven Steps to Link Your Thoughts to Your Success

In a recent conversation with my niece, who just graduated from University, was sharing all the job opportunities she has to choose from. Her level of enthusiasm washed away any fleeting thoughts of doubt....

16 August 2014

Seven Strategies to Leverage Your Brand Success

Movies inspire me to see things differently and think outside the box. The Hundred Foot Journey was no exception. It reinforced several key ingredients to achieving the success you desire....

03 July 2014

Side Benefits of Fun At Work

Are you having fun? I don’t mean once in a while, I mean daily. Is your first thought, “I don’t have time for foolishness and fun.” Would it make a difference if I told you having fun improves your health? And the good news, you already know how!...

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