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09 September 2016

Seven Strategic Pauses To Create Your Brand Advantage

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Pausing often gets a bad rap even though it can help you avoid embarrassing moments! Leaders often describe it as a weakness rather then strength. Like many things in life, it depends on your perspective. 

When you are asked a question and you believe an answer is expected, you may feel pressured to give an immediate response, possibly stumbling over your words making your communication less believable, or you can make a different choice. You can make a choice that empowers you and your brand.

Side note: Too many leaders feel pressure to have an answer for others in the moment. This is where it helps to sort out who is creating that pressure. Where is it coming from?

The discovery: It is often an internal pressure created out of a leaders’ need to prove them selves. Then there are those leaders who never even saw pausing as an option. Most often we respond to what is expected and model what we observe from others!

To reframe the way you think about pausing here are seven ways to use it to your advantage:

#1  A PAUSE gives you time to breath and give thought to what   is next. You now become the model for others to do the same.

#2  When you PAUSE it keeps you from interrupting others.

#3  A PAUSE showcases your confidence.

#4  When you PAUSE it reinforces your ability to be thoughtful and calm. 

#5  A PAUSE allows you to refocus and be completely present to what is in front of you. Helping to build trust.

#6  When you PAUSE your internal thought process has a moment to catch up with what you want to verbalize. Eliminating the fillers (ex: um, uh, like…) that might creep in when you feel uncertain. It also gives your team a moment to absorb what you are saying.

#7  A PAUSE can also place emphasis on what you have said that is important.

Life’s fast pace doesn’t lend itself to naturally pausing. It is a practice you need to be intentional about and can definitely give you an advantage. As a leader you set the tone for yourself and your brand.

Now You

What are the ways a PAUSE can serve you? Identify those moments now so you are prepared to insert a pause at the right time.

Where would a PAUSE add value and create greater congruency for your personal brand?

Pausing is another practice that puts you in control of how you show up. Put it to the test and weight the advantage it produces. You got this!

Align yourself with what matters most to you. Live your brand fully expressed with intention and purpose to play bigger!

Interested in having a conversation to explore how you can create your personal brand advantage and accelerate your growth, email me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book a complimentary 30 minute consultation.







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