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09 September 2016

Seven Strategic Pauses To Create Your Brand Advantage

Pausing often gets a bad rap even though it can help you avoid embarrassing moments! Leaders often describe it as a weakness rather then strength. Like many things in life, it depends on your perspective.... 

12 August 2016

Mindset Creep That Knocks You Out Of The Zone

You are cruising along in your happy place for weeks, months even feeling gratitude and engaged in doing what you love. Life is good and it is hard to imagine how it gets better. Then BAM!!! You are knocked right out of that zone!...

18 July 2016

Differentiate Your Brand With A Tough Mudder Mentality

A girlfriend and her daughter recently completed a Tough Mudder event in Whistler, B.C. It is a physically grueling and mentally challenging event. What I didn’t realize is, a Tough Mudder is more about team and facing your fears then accomplishing your personal best. It is an event, not a race!....

10 June 2016

Drive Engagement and Build High Performers With This One Simple Practice

A client was recently sharing how impressed he was with the effort his team put into thinking through a new strategy for their business. He articulated how creative and committed they were to building out the best solution. I could feel his pride....

13 May 2016

Five Performance Enhancing Moves For Work To Feel More Like Play

Both coaches and players have rules to follow. But sometimes, just the notion of rules makes us want to break them. Leaders need to start looking at them differently. Rules provide a clear structure allowing you to take risks and personalize your style of play... 

12 April 2016

To Change Your World, Change Your Mind

As you work to improve your leadership style and be more aligned with your personal brand, have you ever considered how your self-image affects your overall success? 

The late Dr. Maxwell Maltz, a well-known plastic surgeon and author of Psycho Cybernetics stated, “You act and feel not according to what things are really like, but according to....

15 March 2016

Flex Some Candor To Boost Your Personal Brand

“I’m going to speak candidly.”  That’s a signal to expect a transparent and impartial message—without judgmental undercurrents. Candor, delivered with care, is a skill leaders can use to add value and gain respect...


18 February 2016

Seven Brand Strategies That Strips Away Ordinary And Celebrates Being Remarkable

“Remarkable is defined as ‘worthy of attention’. It is packed with the small details and actions that make a difference for others.”

Recently I delivered a session for eighty plus Executive MBA students and alumni at the Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto...

13 January 2016

Counterintuitive Strategies To Help You Achieve More

January marks a fresh start with a new set of goals. Your goals typically stretch you and expect more of you. To achieve the outcomes you set for yourself it will take more then discipline and commitment, it needs to include doing something different....

08 December 2015

Ten Best Practices To Stay Centered When Surrounded By Chaos

We have all said it: "I need more time.” Knowing there are twenty-four hours we get in a day it is essential to think of the hacks that will provide you with more of what you need. This requires discipline in blocking time to think, prepare and plan!... 

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