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16 August 2012

Should I or Shouldn't I?

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It is all in our perception!It could be you’re deciding to accept that ideal job with a long commute OR debating if you should go sightseeing on vacation in the rain.

When deciding, to do or not to do, thoughts are typically focused on what might happen or what you’re not going to like about it. The final decision affects both the experience you have and the perception you create for your brand.

An experience that got me thinking about perceptions happened last week when my friend Jane sent a message letting me know she cancelled our foursome’s golf reservation for the following day. Reason - the weather reports were predicting a 70% chance of rain!

This is not typical behavior for Jane so I wondered why she was being so cautious and conservative. Why not just take our chances? What was it about the chance of rain that made her cancel?        

This conversation led to even more thinking. The same weekend my oldest son, Eric, considered backing out of a two-day outdoor concert with all of his buddies because they were calling for rain. 

It surprised me because Eric is not typically cautious or reluctant. He is the one that jumps in and thinks later. The prediction of rain almost kept him from having, what he now describes as, the time of his life.

What about me…

I am not always up for anything nor am I always care free. I am typically in for following through on a plan, having a good time, going with the flow and am willing to risk less than perfect weather conditions for friends and being outdoors. 

That said, even though typically I am up for an adventure, often I will decide not to participate when friends call at the last minute. What perception does that create about MY brand that isn’t typical? What am I focusing on? (Psst...it's the effort!) 

What I learned… 

Even though the rain held off and we could have played it was not Jane’s intention to be overly cautious by canceling golf. But, with one decision involving three other women, she demonstrated a side of herself that likes to play it safe. 

When Eric considered backing out of going to an outdoor concert Kyle, his younger brother, helped him see that getting wet was no big deal compared to the fun he would have. It did rain. He did get wet. It was not a big deal and he had a blast!

My lack of spontaneity has me out of alignment with my sense of adventure. I am working on jumping in because when I do I NEVER find myself saying, “I wish I would have stayed home.”  

When you make your next decision, be it big or small, consider the pros and cons. Also consider the impact on your brand and the message you deliver. Consistency is key to building trust and credibility in all parts of your life.

What are you focused on when you are making your decisions? How comfortable are you with risk? Does it align with who you really are or want to be? Are the decisions you make in alignment with your personal brand?

What do you focus on when making a decision? Share your decision-making habits or strategy in the comments below.

Align yourself with what matters most to you. Live your brand fully expressed with intention and purpose to play bigger!

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