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31 July 2012

Looking Beyond The Clothes

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Presenting yourself to create the impression you desire, before you even say a word, involves several key elements that goes beyond your clothing. You may not consciously be aware of these elements, but they definitely influence how you are perceived.

NOTE: To provide help in the clothes you wear the previous post lists five tips to keep in mind when choosing your clothes to ensure you deliver the message you intend.

Have you ever experienced being in a room full of people when one person walks in and captures your attention? Then you find yourself observing this person and feeling a bit like you want what they have. However, when you are pressed to identify what has captured your attention you’re unsure how to articulate what ‘it’ is. 

The Observation

The first thing that catches your eye is how well dressed this person is. Then you observe the ease with which this person moves around the room and engages in conversation with others. You would describe this person as confident, savvy, smart, professional, engaging and trustworthy. 

WAIT! You got all that just from observation? What you really want to pin point now is the specific behaviour this person demonstrates and what it is they are doing that you want to do.

Breaking IT Down

To make the invisible visible let's consciously breakdown the cues this person is using to stand out in a crowd so you too can apply them:

  • Wear clothes that look good and fit well. Dress for the level of success you want. Not sure if your clothes are suited to your aspirations? Ask a trusted friend or sales person at your favourite retail store who's style you admire. Ask the right people to get the feedback that supports you.
  • Carry yourself with confidence. That means head up and shoulders back. No one gets a thumbs up when they walk into a room looking shy or nervous with their head down and their shoulders slumped.
  • Initiate a handshake and introduce yourself instead of waiting for others. Make sure it is a firm handshake to reflect confidence.
  • Make eye contact when introducing yourself or in conversation with others. This is important to create a connection and build trust.
  • Be fully present. The greatest gift you can give others is to be focused and fully committed to the conversation you are engaged in. Giving your complete attention makes others feel respected. If you are preoccupied mentally others will feel it.
  • Approach situations with a positive attitude. Use language that is uplifting and stay open to  ideas that are discussed.
  • Manage your energy. Showing up rested and energized makes you more appealing. People want to be around others that are positive and engaged in life. It is inspiring.

To increase the impact of your brand presence and get noticed, consider being more conscious of the seven different elements listed above.  Notice how others respond to you. Please share how implementing any of the above elements has changed the response you have get from others. 

Align yourself with what matters most to you. Live your brand fully expressed with intention and purpose to play bigger!

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