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14 September 2012

It's As Simple As...

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Opening up the conversation in the last blog about the magic ratio of positive and negative feedback has clients asking, “Is it really necessary? Do I really have to provide positive feedback for tasks that should be done anyway?”

My answer is, “No it is not necessary and no you don’t have to. However it is something to consider if you want to build positive brand equity and potentially stretch yourself to go beyond what is required to create the impression you desire.”

You have a brand model that defines how you want to be known.  To build your brand you always want to do or say what will support you in the way you intend or better. 

If your brand model is to include one of these words:  inspiring, caring, compassionate, aware, respectful, thoughtful leader; then providing positive feedback is one way of tipping the scales in your favour. Implementing positive feedback is as simple as:  

Saying “thank you” to an employee for delivering a report on timeOR Expressing appreciation to everyone for sharing their insights in the meeting OR Acknowledging a team member, in front of the group, for delivering great results in a tight timeframe. OR Giving recognition to team members for going beyond expectations ORExpressing praise by saying, “That’s a great idea or excellent point” OR Rewarding individuals by buying them lunch or a certificate to a restaurant, spa or golf course for their commitment of “whatever it takes” to launch a major project on time.  

This IS simple to do. Acknowledging a job well done produces results beyond anyone’s expectations. Go ahead and practice giving more positive feedback then usual. Let me know the results you get. 

I invite you to share the best positive feedback you have ever received and how it made you feel.

Align yourself with what matters most to you. Live your brand fully expressed with intention and purpose to play bigger!

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