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13 February 2012

Clarity Breeds Certainty! How Clear Are You?

I saw the movie Iron Lady over the weekend and it gave me a different perspective of Margaret Thatcher as a woman. She was a wife, a mother AND a political leader. She was strong, certain and determined.

06 February 2012

How Do You Want To Be Perceived?

During a group session I recently delivered we were discussing one of the questions that needs to be considered when developing your personal brand. The answer acts as a guideline for everything you do. 

30 January 2012

Ready To Let Go?

Recently a client was making excuses for not following through on having a conversation with an employee regarding her performance. We began to walk through the approach when she ended up sharing a story of being on the receiving end of this type of conversation that left her feeling inadequate and ashamed. She was blamed for everything that went wrong on a particular project.

19 January 2012

Can The Small Things Really Make a Difference?

You are more than two weeks into the New Year. Has your enthusiasm begun to diminish in regards to your new goals? The reality that change is hard is probably setting in. Not only that! Change doesn't happen over night! You begin to doubt if all the small efforts you are making will really make a difference. 

08 January 2012

Shrinking Change

One of the toughest things you face at this time of year is staying motivated long enough to make the changes necessary in achieving new goals. 

28 December 2011

Letting Go...

I was reminded the other day of how elephants are conditioned. When they are babies they get chained to a tree so they don’t escape. While chained to the tree a baby elephant makes every attempt to break free. After countless attempts the elephant realizes it is not strong enough to escape, it gives up and stops trying.  

21 December 2011

Serving At A Higher Level

I was having lunch with several colleagues and the conversation shifted to sharing recent experiences we had in regards to making purchases. Okay, I admit, I was the one that kicked off the discussion because it had to do with a gift card I recently purchased.  

16 December 2011

Simple Gifts That DON'T Need To Be Wrapped

In the spirit of what this time of year represents – the season of giving and spreading good cheer - what can we do to contribute to that feeling? 


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