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20 June 2012

What About Fun?

What About Fun?

You can just have it. It is easy. It is something you can do everyday. It takes no more effort than not having fun. It gives you something to look forward to. It leads to laughter. It feels good. It makes being with other people more enjoyable. It raises your energy. It makes you feel like a kid. It becomes a habit if you let it. 

27 May 2012

Words Carry Weight So Speak Wisely

A word is not just a word. Your words tell others what you think and how you feel. Words can be uplifting and energetic. Words can also be negative and heavy. The words you use provide others a glimpse of who you are and how you see the world. 

10 May 2012

You Asked BUT Are You Willing To Do It?

A recent workshop participant of mine shared that he had been asking his colleagues for feedback about the image he was conveying at work. He decided he wanted to be more strategic in creating the brand impression he intended. To determine what adjustments he might need to make, the best thing for him was to ask the people who saw him daily. 

23 April 2012

Take Your Fear....

I spent last weekend immersed in a course entitled “Get Out of Your Own Way” that has me feeling recharged and invigorated about life. Having a different perspective of expanding on who I am inspires me and taking fear that shows up in my life along for the ride feels empowering.

13 April 2012

Are You Choosing Your Best?

I was having a conversation with my twenty-one year old son, Kyle, regarding choices. The ones we make, why we make them and how they affect us. 

01 April 2012

What Is Your Phone Impression?

Several months ago I was testing a new web product. My goal was to learn all the features and get very comfortable with the operations of it. To build my confidence I asked a few friends to participate in some live practice runs. After a few live runs I needed some clarification on several features from a tech expert.

21 March 2012

Go Ahead, Celebrate!

At a recent workshop I was reminded (once again) that many of us don’t celebrate our accomplishments. Not just that we don’t celebrate them, we even have a hard time thinking of what they are. We work diligently to achieve specific goals and then when we arrive at our destination we think, NEXT!

08 March 2012

Focus on One Thing

You look around and find yourself in a sea of professionals. Hundreds of people that have the same role you do as a leader. Okay, you begin to acknowledge that not everyone works in the same industry or at the same company. Though how do you move from being a commodity to being known for your brilliance or expertise? 

01 March 2012

It Is Still Your Brand!

It follows you wherever you go. You simply cannot get away from it. Whether you are consciously building it or just letting it evolve organically. It is still your brand and it counts! 

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